Re: I can completely manage your online security for you

On Jan 7, 10:19 pm, "Beauregard T. Shagnasty"
<a.nony.m...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
smithfam1 tries to legitimize his spam:

Jim Watt <jimw...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
<smithf...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Free Anti-Virus and free spy ware software does not WORK !!

Of course it does.

AVG seems OK to me, but spamming newsgroups to attract mugs
certainly does not.

O i loved AVG at 1 time but it's not working and i can show you. If
you will go and run the test
step 2 you will see Thanks man

Step 2: Download unknown software to my computer and run it. Run
software from a spammer?

The page says:

"Again, for this test, you will not be able to remove anything it

Because then you have to send *money* to:

AL Easley s.c.

Bugger off, spammer.

-Friends don't let friends drive Vista

I'm not a spammer....I'm just a Family man helping people with
computer problems. the test will show you problems in your computer
and yes you pay for the service it's a completely manage online
security service...
I help people you put people down.. your just mad at the world
"I will pray for you" and Jim too

GOD be with you

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