Re: Safteboot 5b010019 error then 92h

SafeBoot Simon wrote:

especially seeing that McAfee just paid $350m to buy the company

This is quite a counter-argument.

that it might possibly be, and that your experience may not be the norm.

Might be, but failure on three totally different test machines is simply unacceptable. Maybe the typical users don't have to deal with such a diversity.

2. Do you accept that the predominant user operating system is
Windows, and that despite its faults the reason it's the most popular
is because it works for the most people?

Did I ever claim the contrary?

MSIE and .NET may have their flaws, but don't you accept that these
flaws must be massively outweighed by their benefits,

No, and they aren't. Real webbrowser exists, have much better usability and compatibility, and aren't insecure by design. .NET might be a nice framework, but has never been and probably will never be a sandbox, so using it as a browser plugin is, again, insecure by design - so any sane person would use Java for applets.

why would Windows and MSIE be the prevalent systems of choice for the
uneducated masses?

You already stated the reason: because they're uneducated. Heck, even the official documentation of MSIE explains in detail why it should never be abused as a webbrowser on nontrusted networks (like the internet).