Re: Virus's, spy ware, and Hackers can be STOPED

"TroyDooly" wrote:

I did not start this thread, it came across my Google Alerts, and I
responded. I fully understand where you are coming from on the spamming

Which is also one of the reasons I filled out my profile and use my
real name.

Your quoting is horribly broken (Ive fixed it), and yet you don't
appear to be posting through Google Groups.

I'm not here as a spammer. All I am doing is making sure the
facts are presented and not rumors or outdated info.

Fair enough. My info is not outdated.

I am sure that the folks reading this are not the target market INVISUS
is focused on.

Then the post was even more inappropriate.

[I've snipped the rest because I can't be bothered to tidy it up and
it's impossible for others to distiguish between my original text and
your reply]

The information you just provided is outdated.

It's not. They are calling it Invisus PestPatrol so I pointed to the
real Pest Patrol (whatever they are actually using). Spyware Warrior
gives up-to-date info.

INVISUS canceled their
partnership with CA who developed Pest Patrol in 2005 right after CA
inked their deal with AOL.

INVISUS has been using SunBelt's CounterSpy SDK ever since.

If you follow the Spyware Warrior link you will see the reference to

Hey great thread, your point on spamming is understood.