Re: looking for options re allowing remote access

"Stuart Miller" <stuart_miller@xxxxxxx> writes:

Another is to set up some kind of VPN to allow access to the file
server, but some form of security to keep users in specified

Say more about your requirements here and what level of directory
security are currently configured.

It's not clear what exactly you're trying to do. OpenVPN or an IPCop
based VPN inbound is easy if you're willing to have these remote users
have the same network access as your local users. Which sounds like
you would only wish to do if you can lock down the file permissions on
your file server appropriately.

A combo of OpenVPN to get inside your network, and then standard ftp
from the outside employee's machine to your file server may be be easy
and doable if you can get the permissions set up on you rfile server
to your liking, and your users are okay dealing with openvpn and ftp.

Todd H.