Re: What do I need to run Adobe Flash safely ?

nemo_outis wrote:
gordon@xxxxxxxx wrote in news:nj96h3hn7mm4281jv7d6g51ubrietaokb0@xxxxxxx:

Never used Flash player before. Initial review of program looks like just another can of security
worms. Everyone seems to use it, what do I need to do to use it
safely ?

It IS a security risk but, since it's ubiquitous and is often required for functionality, not just pizzazz, you do need to allow it on many sites.

I use two add-ons (extensions) for Firefox that give me control over Flash: Flashblock & NoScript. I have found these give me sufficient control and granularity but YMMV.


i use those 2 as well , but sometimes it still feels flaky.