Re: How did they get behind my NAT?

Leythos <void@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

In article <FpUPi.9637$GO5.4175@edtnps90>, unruh-spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
That is a completely
legitimate use and the system is not used for "unethical" purposes
(We have permission from the people at to do so). So, now
you have to change your statement.

You've not comprehended what I wrote - I never once said that "ALL
USES" are unethical or illegal - but I can see how someone that is
paranoid would think I said that if they didn't comprehend what I

It is you who hasn't comprehended.

You said that you had never encountered a person who used P2P exclusively
for ethical purposes. Unruh gave himself as an example of someone who only
uses P2P ethically (which he described with examples). Unless you believe
Unruh is lying, you now DO KNOW at least one person who uses P2P ethically
and, accordingly, you must (at least in future) change your statement about
never having encountered such a person.