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Ricardo wrote:
Uzytkownik "Fenny Fox" <ff01@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> napisal w wiadomosci news:jtYKi.129897$Mu5.31262@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
While there are ways (various privilege escalation exploits) to possibly get admin rights anyway,
Propably having a chance on a dramatically badly protected system. With drive encryption (including OS partition) and preboot authentication as well as fresh updates, tight firewall and restrictive user accounts, it is very problematic unless you use quite sofisticated techniques like TEMPEST attack or something.

Drive encryption wouldn't protect against malicious code on an running system... it's transparent to the system. OTFE is an "offline threat" protection mechanism - i.e., machines, drives, or media being stolen.

I'm talking about exploits using known bugs, to gain elevated privileges - or similar bugs not yet discovered, that may be in the future.

Firewalls fall under the same philosophy.

Fresh updates are key in this area, as well as restrictive user accounts.

Fenny Fox

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