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Ricardo wrote:

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Ricardo wrote:
So you actually have a global no-exec policy in place?
Yes, if you cannot get plain English.

Actually, Avast is just yet another means of widespread and tight protection implemented by myself, which I have succesfully tested for years now. Just fine tuning the system with a new antivirus and that's why asking a simple question.

The correct word is "detuning". According to your description, a virus scanner is superfluos and therefore definitely a decrease in security.
Look up a dictionary for "overprotection", smart alec. Such policy has some advantages especially in case one of the protective means fail to work properly.

As long as the additional "protection" doesn't introduce any additional insecurity, which is inherent due to the increased complexity.

In fact if your no-exec policy fails, you'd have much bigger worries than a lousy virus scanner.

having a bunch of unexperienced users to protect,
Why are you twisting virus scanning with protection?
Is your twisted mind trying to state that virus scanning is NOT one of the means of system protection?!
Yes, it's a trivial fact.
Gee, what bullshit! Read it aloud twice and think again what your saying, dummy.

No, it's a trivial fact. A virus scanner doesn't provide protection because it's reliability is zero. Trivially, because an attacker can simply choose a malware that doesn't have any categorized signature yet, and even further can change itself to omit any permanent signature at all.

I already told you that for several reasons I am sticking with Avast Home Edition.

Beside not having read any such reason, your argument is bullshit. You might as well give me reasons why you'd like to nail a pudding on the wall.

What is so incomprehensible about predefining specific behavior of the antivirus like deleting potentially dangerous files without discussing the problem all over again with a blonde operating MS Word?!
Simply that any sane person would even think of implementing such a horribly stupid policy.
This sentence souds completely out of context, as the rest of your post actually.

Then go forth and implement your "delete every file that produces a false alert"-policy!

Oh, sure. Your that only the lonely perfect admin spreading words of wisdom. Pathetic again.

"I have no argument" would be much shorter to express your point.