Re: Avast silent mode problem...

Ricardo wrote:

Configuring Avast Home Edition I happened on a cool option called "Silent mode". If I get it right, is is supposed to automatically do the job in case of a certain problem, e.g. virus found without bugging the user. However if you switch the "Solent mode" on then another problem arises, whethter to choose "With general answer YES (OK)" or "With general answer NO (Cancel)". How do I interpret the two?! Which is more safe and restrictive?

This is a totally stupid idea. A virus scanner is an intrusion detection system and should give the user a loud and clear alert if it detects something.

> I am interested in a silent mode killing everything suspicious (even if
> there is some risk of a mistake) without bothering the user.

That's even more stupid. You're even trying the delete the only evidence of a compromise?

> I am afraid that some unexperienced users may unintentionally let a virus
> into the system.

The do something against viruses, f.e. implementing a whitelist policy for programs. A virus scanner, however, won't protect against viruses.

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