Re: security at public internet points

invalid@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Beachcomber) wrote in

Use VPN, Tor, etc. to *tunnel through* the access point to a trusted
server elsewhere (e.g., a third-party server or even just one's home
machine that has been set up appropriately for this purpose.)

Can someone recommend a good VPN client for a Windows PC?

OpenVPN: server & client

The best! And you can't beat the price: free!

I am assuming that I would have to installer companion server software
on my machine and have some sort of semi-public access, at least to
the point of the encrypted server. Is that right?

Yep. OpenVPN is pretty straightforward but if you have a NAT router etc.
to futz with, figure on taking a Saturday afternoon to get everything set
up right (configure a TAP driver, make a certificate, setup the server &
client conf files, etc.).


PS And not just for Windows - also Linux, *BSDs, Mac, etc.