Re: security at public internet points

That depends: Are you talking about public, unsecured wireless Internet (at a hot-spot, where you have your own laptop/PDA with you); or are you talking about wired, public hardware you don't control (like in some cybercafes, in libraries, or at public kiosks)?

If you're talking wireless Internet, then the advice about using VPNs posted by others here, would apply (don't forget a software firewall for your machine, though).

If you mean a public kiosk or public *hardware* - assume that the entire planet is reading everything you type. Don't type anything that you wouldn't want published in the Associated Press, because AFAIK, there's NO way to ensure the system hasn't been compromised - either by hardware or software.

Fenny Fox

Manlio wrote:
When I use a public internet access point is it possible to scan ( or do any other check) the PC in order to
verify if the entry is going to be background monitored ?