Re: Looking for better AV software

Ed wrote:
Thanks, Michael.

I have seen others here recommend AVG. I'll take a look.

I don't mind paying for good software, but get irritated with it when it brings my machine to it's knees.

I agree about not clicking on things... I'm even a little worried about clicking on your link :-)


"Michael Robinson" <mkr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:47e75$46ebf4fc$471d0bf2$4651@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The link is safe - I keep WP updated religiously, and most of the potentially hackable scripts (in wp-admin) are locked down, so the risk of a compromise is low. :P

If you're using Firefox (highly recommended, if only because of noscript) you can install noscript and negate the vast majority of potential website based attacks, though you might still need to worry about image and markup rendering-based exploits (rare).

As for paying for software, AVG is only free in the sense that you can use the free version as a regular usser. It's commercial, but they (and most "free" AVs) get their money from volume licenses. You're essentially participating in wide-scale testing so Grisoft can tell volume buyers "Look how popular it is!". I think trading a statistic for a good AV is worth it. :)