Re: help help desperate will pay my site is hacked

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, in the Usenet newsgroup, in article
<pr76d35qj6rdp8qtcai6hrua746o547f82@xxxxxxx>, Jim Watt wrote:

a litte bit of research shows the phone number given belongs to
e-commerce solutions

"Trusted by over 700 customers....... "

and the NEVER have appeared in

So I rather doubt anyone with a clue would post
messages like that to a newsgroup like this.


The original domain registrant is
B.L.K. International, Inc.
814 San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, California 90065

out by the Glendale Freeway

The OP was from - Comcast MINNESOTA-7

Yeah, that's right around the corner

The email given belongs to
269 Pacific St.
Pomana , Ca 91789

which is the East end of the county on Interstate 10 - about 50 KM if you
can fly, a bit more if you have to take the freeways (Golden State, to
San Bernardino - maybe 55 KM) - like I say, right around the corner.

So it has all the makings of a bit of troublemaking

Saw that yesterday as soon as I did a whois on the IP address. That /21
has been on the blocklist here for quite some time for spamming.

Old guy