Re: Password vault software

I searched on "demo mode" in Avira's forums and found several posts which state that I need to download and also install the hbdev.key (a license file). After installing AntiVir, I need to copy this file into AntiVir's install directory and reboot. Despite the install generating a random serial number, apparently you need this newer license file. So I did the following in a virtual machine:

- Download latest version of AntiVir.
- Download new hbdev.key file.
- Install Antivir but choose to NOT do any updates (so they'd be available later since never applied yet).
- The product's status says it license expires on 11/30/2007.
- I set the clock ahead to 12/14/2007, two weeks after the expiration and supposedly within the 1 month extension.
- Rebooted the VM.
- Tried to do an update.
- The update failed with "no valid license key" and "key expired [DEMO Mode]".

So feel lucky that you have an older version and/or a license key that pushes the expiration out a long ways for you. I can only get a 3-month trial of AntiVir Personal Classic (the free version).