Re: How to set a password on a cd/dvd?

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comphelp@xxxxxxxxx (Todd H.) (07-08-02 10:25:53):

Really thanks for your answer. The dvd is for a friend of mine in
another country, on the DVD will be burned some video conferences..

Yeah, if it's just one consumer of these you could go as simple as a
winzip password (which I believe in recent versions is actually
decently robust), or zip or tar up the files and then gpg the zip or
tar file.

There are more transparent and secure solutions, like filesystem
encryption. I know from personal experience that this works with Linux,
but it will not work too well with Windows (I couldn't get it to work
with it at all).

Not working at all on Windows doesn't sound terribly transparent to
me. :-)

And unless you've discovered something about GPG the rest of the world
doesn't know, you'll be hard pressed to make the "more secure"
argument either.

WinZip's encryption used to have a significant flaw in it, but I
believe they've corrected it and it is not


considered strong. I'm not sure if they're open source or not, or
if they're using a widely peer reviewed encryption implementation or
not though.

Todd H.