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It depends on how much anyone bothers digging into your IP
Go look at:

There's other ways too, that sometimes gives more accurate hits.

I'm not using a lookup tool for IP address info that requires the
installation of a program, especially one that is bait for
commercialware (for prices see A big no thanks.

Well, the only thing I needed was the database and a script that could
read from it.

So when you enter as the IP address to trace, what do YOU
get when using this locally installed tracer program?

Carrollton. Which seems to not be accurate this time.

So it got to the same point as anyone looking up the registration for the domain.

Geolite is actually
free while the "big version" costs money, but the service still are
dependent on users sending correct data to them.

Oh, I see how it works. You download their database. You have to repeatedly download their database to stay up to date but there is an update function in their code (which you need to download). If you use their script then you need to download the C library (i.e., code). I didn't see anything particularly nasty but I only glanced over a couple of the main C code files.

"We obtain the known IP location pairs from sites that ask the web visitor to provide their geographic location." So they help collect your personal info or collude with other sites to socially engineer you into divulging that info. For example, when you register at a site, say to join a forum, the questions include city, state, zip, etc. which then eventually get distributed by that site to a 3rd party, like to MaxMind. However, the IP address is often dynamic which means someone else will eventually get it but the trick is that IP address ranges are often delegated in a specific region by the ISP (i.e., their IP pool at their regional hub always uses the same IP range for those customers).

So here we have a prime example of where you might think your personal information is private and known only to the site at which you registered and divulged your personal info (i.e., location) but instead it gets passed onto 3rd parties that buy the personal info, like MaxMind whose intent is to lure you to their paid services to access that info. So be damn sure to read the TOS at a web site when registering there to see what they do with the personal info you give them. They could be selling it off to "affiliates", like MaxMind.

"By accurately pinpointing the location of Internet customers and visitors by country, geographic region, down to the granular detail of city in real-time, MaxMind enables online businesses to have a valuable marketing tool as well as the ability to customize their websites to better serve clients."

Online businesses with which I deal already have my personal info. If I order from Newegg then obviously they have to know where to ship the order. So these "online businesses" is a euphemism for spammers (probably web sites) that want to target their pitch based on your location.

So, yeah, they have a free service but realize how they got that info and to whom they are reselling it. While the lookup doesn't reveal your info, you could check if they managed to already get it through other venues.

Sometimes, a regular traceroute works fine too...

13 <snip>
14 <snip>

... where "tn" may be "tenn"? But such traces may require a bit more
guessing. Not reliable, in other words.

Traceroute not required. All it did was show the .tn in the IP name which was already discernable from the nslookup.


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