Re: Any good free spyware scan that I can run in bat file so I can schedule it daily

Lawrence M. Seldin, CMC, CPC wrote:

I already run Avast quick scan, Spybot and AdAware (AdAware paid
version) nightly in batch mode.

WTF? Why are you doing such a nonsense?

I also use Spyware Blaster.

For what purpose?

By chance, my Firewall (Outpost - paid version) has a Spyware scan that you must run interactively.

Outpost is no firewall. Why is this crap even installed?

I already had "real time" protection enabled on this software.

WTF? You have this thing permanently installed on a system?

When I ran a full scan using Outpost's Spyware scan seveal Spyware's came
up. I was surprised that I had these on my machine, since I do run nightly
scans of the above packages.

Why are you surprised? You intentionally installed software to make the
system insecure.

I know that security protection is usually suggested by doing a layering
of protection.

Yes, and it's quite obvious why this suggestion is stupid.

That's why I was wondering if there were any other products that are "free" that you may be able to
recommend besides the one you mentioned (I already use Spybot) that I can run in a bat file.

What about 'sigcheck' and other trivialities which actually work?

As you probably figured out, I am lazy and do not want have to run interactively on 5 seperate home
machines a Spyware software interactively.

And why should should one do such a thing anyway?

If you do know of any other good Spyware scan free software

"any other good" implies that you would any good, or at least that any good
one would exist at all.

I do know of several free web site scans, but again, that means I have to have each machine go to
that web site to run the scan on each machine. Nice being free, but a bit time consuming.

And absolutely useless.

Now, would you please tell me WTF you were thinking with totally messing up
a computer with a big load of crap and then wondering when it becomes an
insecure mess?