Re: Any good free spyware scan that I can run in bat file so I can schedule it daily

From: "Lawrence M. Seldin, CMC, CPC" <larryTAKEOUT@xxxxxxxxxx>

| I have a WinXP notebook.
| I created a bat file, that contains commands to run a Avast Antivirus, AdAware and Spybot
| from the command line in a bat file, that I run nightly.
| My firewall Outpost has a spyware scanner but I can not run it in bat mode. When I ran
| this, it detected several spyware program that I did not know about. However, I rarely
| ever run it, because it does not contain a spyware scan that I can schedule.
| Is there any free good spyware scanners that I can run from the command line in bat mode.
| I would want it to run and not prompt me and then exit on it's own.
| Thanks much,
| Lawrence M. Seldin, CMC, CPC
SpyBot S&D runs by executed with command line switches and you can create a Scheduled Task
to run on a regular basis or from a BAT or CMD file.

"C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SpybotSD.exe" /AUTOCHECK /AUTOFIX /AUTOCLOSE