Re: Zone alarm again

"Gualtier Malde" <valacapt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
About 2 months ago I was looking for free AVG and Zone alarm to tell
someone else about. Now I have a different problem:

I've got an old Windows 98 desktop that used to have Zone Alarm on it. I
stopped using it at all for communication, and when the Zone alarm account
expired, and ZA kept bugging me to renew, I uninstalled it.

Bad move. I am now having to use this machine for communication now that
my laptop (main computer) is at the factory. Trouble is that I can't find
anything that will run in W98. The URLs that korbendallis (above) gave me
led to a site at Zone Alarm and the file available wasn't compatible with
W98. Spyware Terminator, suggested by another respondent, doesn't appear
to have ZA's uncomplicated firewall capacity.

It is possible that anyone has an old ZA setup file? As Zone Labs doesn't
seem to be interested in a W98 copy I shouldn't think that they would


Hi Chuck,

Found what you're looking for, although I can't recall exactly which version
you need. Maybe someone else can help. I do know that ZAF 6.5 and above will
not work with Win 98. You can try version 6.1 and if that doesn't work, 6.0
will be the one.


Friendly reminder: ZoneAlarm discontinued support for Win 98 and ME a while
back, so any vulnerabilities that have arisen since will put your system at