Re: Keyloggers?

The Nerdy Duo wrote:
Like the rest of us out here, I spend some time as an IT tech when I
feel generous or money is tight. Lately, I've been teching for my
mother in law, and somebody in her office is messing with her CPUs,
uninstalling programs, deleting system files. I hate installing the
same software over and over again. This has made a 6 hour reinstall
into a 3 week ordeal where I have to redo the computer on a daily/
every other day basis. I have my suspicions, but I need to prove it.
So, I want a keylogger that I don't have to fork over my green for.
The more it monitors in this case, the better. Generally, I'm anti-
monitoring in the workplace, but, I can't think of a better way to
catch Ms. subversive secretary. Thoughts and ideas appreciated.

can't you just delete the uninstall package or "unwise.exe" or whatever?