Re: Keyloggers?

On Tue, 05 Jun 2007 20:19:11 GMT, Benson Hedges <bh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 2007-06-05, The Nerdy Duo <TheNerdyDuo@xxxxxxxxx> wrotey all complicatey:
Like the rest of us out here, I spend some time as an IT tech when I
feel generous or money is tight. Lately, I've been teching for my
mother in law, and somebody in her office is messing with her CPUs,
uninstalling programs, deleting system files

What have they done ? Attacked the CPUs with a soldering iron ? Put oily
fingerprints all over them ? Do you even know what a CPU is, Mr. 'IT' ?

. I hate installing the
same software over and over again.

It's called 'Microsoft'. Get used to it.

This has made a 6 hour reinstall into a 3 week ordeal where I have to redo
the computer on a daily/ every other day basis.

See above.

I have my suspicions, but I need to prove it. So, I want a keylogger that
I don't have to fork over my green for. The more it monitors in this case,
the better. Generally, I'm anti- monitoring in the workplace, but, I can't
think of a better way to catch Ms. subversive secretary. Thoughts and ideas

No forking green necessary. Slip the secretary one and realise that it's
probably your clueless mother-in-law thinking she has to re-install Windows
every time she wants to use it. Which is not too far from the truth.



Gee Ward, you were a little hard on The Beaver yesterday, weren't you?