Re: Keyloggers?

On Tue, 05 Jun 2007, in the Usenet newsgroup, in article
<1181057770.564566.111100@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, The Nerdy Duo wrote:

Lately, I've been teching for my mother in law, and somebody in her
office is messing with her CPUs, uninstalling programs, deleting system

"messing with her CPUs" means what exactly? As for deleting system
files, shoot the 1d10t who has given "adistrator" rights to everyone
because they don't know how to install the software correctly such that
elevated privilege is not needed. Then get someone who has some knowledge
of operating systems to set the computer correctly.

I hate installing the same software over and over again. This has made a
6 hour reinstall into a 3 week ordeal where I have to redo the computer
on a daily/ every other day basis.

Make sure that the "data" and operating system/applications are on
separate drives (D: for data, C: for crap), and then do an image backup
of the Crap: drive so that a restore takes just minutes. You'll need to
create a new image every time there is a new security update, but I
suspect security updates are being ignored as well.

I have my suspicions, but I need to prove it. So, I want a keylogger
that I don't have to fork over my green for.

I guess you're that clueless admin - and don't recognize that when you
gave everyone admin rights, they can easily discover and either disable
or remove your pathetic attempt at installing a keylogger. Go spend some
money and get a person with IT skills to set the computer up correctly.
Installing software really does take more than inserting the CD and
clicking "OK" to every message that pops up.

The more it monitors in this case, the better. Generally, I'm anti-
monitoring in the workplace, but, I can't think of a better way to
catch Ms. subversive secretary. Thoughts and ideas appreciated.

Has the company published WRITTEN policy statements regarding use and
mis-use of the computer? If not, you d4mn well better consult the
company legal advisors before you try this stunt. Your posting address
says New York, and there are both state and federal laws that apply.

Old guy