Questions Regarding Vista OS

I have been using Win 98 for the last several years and knew pretty
much how to keep my information secure. For example, I shredded files
Windows sent to the Recent, Temp, History, Printer Spool folders,
wiped the swap file at shut down, cleared empty disk space, emptied
browser caches, used Scramdisk etc.

Unfortunately, I was recently forced to buy a computer with Windows
Vista Home Premium and I have no idea how to secure sensitive
information on it or where Vista might be copying said information to.
And of course, many of the security programs I was using before aren't
compatible with Vista.

Could anyone tell me what folders/files Vista might send sensitive
info to so I can check and shred as needed?

Are there any other security concerns I should be aware of with Vista?

Also if anyone could tell me if the following programs will still work
with Vista (thought I'd check before messing up the new OS) or has a
counterpart that's compatible with Vista, I would be greatly

Scramdisk (is TrueCrypt the latest incarnation?)
Access Denied (boot security)
Directory Snoop