Re: Erasing File Data

"Sebastian G." <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> (07-05-15 15:25:46):

And for simply overwriting files or free space, there are serious
alternatives which do the job right.

Are there any free (in terms of free speech) alternatives?

There's a $filesystem-tools package for about every $filesystem. There
are variants of 'rm'. For Windows, there are SDelete and Eraser.

Unfortunately nothing for my filesystems (reiserfs-3.6 and ext2). My
distribution's package tree includes this tool SecureDelete from the THC
magazine, but they rather look like infantile `1337 h4x0rz', so I'm not
so sure whether to use it. I wasn't able to find anything other, which
appeared to be widely tested. Eraser and SDelete don't help either,
because I don't have Windows.

However, nothing to bother. All important areas of my HD are encrypted,
including my personal files and temporary storage. It would be more
practical for an attacker to trojan my operating system and intercept
the key. But who could possibly be interested in my data that much?

Ertugrul Söylemez.

Security is the one concept, which makes things in your life stay as
they are. Otto is a man, who is afraid of changes in his life; so
naturally he does not employ security.