Re: Password Dictionary File/ Each Entry is 2 or 3 Words Concatenated?

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Are there password dictionary files whose entries aren't just single words but rather 2 or 3 words of maybe 6 letters or less concatenated? For example, "they red solids" are 3 words of 6 letters or less that concatenated would be "theyredsolids." Are there such dictionary files downloadable, or is there a relatively easy way one could be created?
To solve a recent puzzle, I took the dictionary for an
anagram program, and pulled off all 5-letter words. There were
about 5800 of them. If I wanted to create a dictionary of all
3-word combinations of them, it would take over a terabyte to hold
the almost 200e9 combinations.

Slight correction to my computation. It would take about 3

Hmm. Well, that would be an issue. Oh, well.

Thanks very much for responding.
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