Re: Erasing File Data

Bart Bailey wrote:
For some time I used to use 'Eraser' to overwrite files and their names
from my drive, yet Directory Snoop reveals whatever was there.

If you have Eraser set up at Gutmann Method, 35 times overwrites, DirSnoop should not be able to recover anything, if they manage to recover after 35 overwrites they should put their software forward for some Nobel prize. As far as it only can be done in a clean room via electrons microscope and even then success is not guaranteed.

The purge
feature in DirSnoop will remove these defunct filenames however. Is there any better app for doing this?

My guess is that DirSnoop it is recovering just the NAMES of the files but not the files/folder content.

I'm not looking for an entire drive wipe like scorch, just something for individual files and their FAT references.

You should clean the registry regularly, and temp files and anywhere else where the files names maybe stored, pretty much everywhere, (Word,Windows Media Player,etc)


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