Re: Free Adobe Reader 8

Ertugrul Soeylemez wrote:

About the second, many of the formats we use are/were proprietary. To
name just a few: JPEG, MPEG, ZIP.

JPEG and MPEG have never been proprietary. The proprietary times of ZIP are
long gone by.

Why is it that way? It's because the specifications of those formats are

Ehm... that's exactly why they're not proprietary.

Some are patented, but we still use them, because they fit a
particular purpose well, and there are tools freely available.

In Europe we use them because their patents are invalid here.

You will agree that PS/PDF documents, if created properly, have excellent
qualtity. That's why most scientific books and articles are originally
written in LaTeX and then published as PS and/or PDF.

I will agree that, by design, PDF has the need to maintain some
compatibility to PS. And even that already is a headache.

Yes. There is nothing we could do about it.

Ehm... we could sue them, since they're partitially responsible for
incidents arising from advertising such misbehaviour.

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