Re: could a cd or disquette be infected remotely?

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Todd H. wrote:
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Hello everyone:

I have a question long ago, don´t know if this is possible

is it possible that a disquette and a cd-rom be infected remotely, I
mean, without having physic access to the computer?

A floppy disk, sure. Any malware that can run anything arbitrary on
the computer can arbitrarily infect whatever writable media is
connected to it.

A CD-R is not possible to infect since it's read-only media. I
imagine a CD-RW that isn't closed or whatever might be technically
possible, but the odds are so slim that there's on in any given cd
burner that I doubt anyone would bother coding for such a thing.

actually, it's a cd-rom that's read only media (rom = read only
media)... a cd-r is writable, and a cd-rw is rewritable so what you said
for cd-rw is actually true for cd-r and cd-rw may actually as infectable
as a floppy (d/epending on how it was prepared)...

Once a cdr has been written it is read only.

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