Re: Internet Explorer

On Sun, 25 Mar 2007 11:50:52 +0200, Jim Watt wrote:

The other day I noticed that after opening IE it took a few seconds
after clicking on arrow to show recently visited UEL's and that it
was checking something online.

Clearing the history has solved the problem, and removed
any evidence to examine

Howevr, something in the MRU list must have been able to make
IE go online and do something without being clicked.

Everything is updated to the current whatever, and there are
no suspicious things running on the machine.

Strange - any ideas ?

Nothing in the MRU list should prompt Internet Explorer to use an Internet
connection, because all of the information in the MRU list should be
cached on your hard disk--including the site icon. However, there is no
way to be sure that it wasn't programmed to do that; nobody can check to
see for sure.

Without the ability to look at it any further, though, anything is really
nothing more than speculation.

Is there any reason that you cannot use Firefox (
for download)? It is free, community-supported, frequently updated, and
not subject to the same insecurities as Internet Explorer. Of course, no
piece of Internet software is absolutely "safe"--nothing on a network is.
But at least there are people out there that actually know what it is
doing, because it's open.

-- Mike

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