Re: Windows Defender whitelisting certain spyware ?

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Someone on another BBS I'm on declared that Microsoft might secretly
whitelist certain spyware companies. This is total BS, right ? I cannot
imagine Microsoft doing this and the resulting scandal.

This is a troll, right? You've had your head up-and-locked and haven't
bothered to read the End User License Agreement that _you_ agreed to when
you got windoze, and haven't bothered to know what the words "Digital
Rights Management" mean. That's funny.
In case you're not trolling, point your news reader to the news groups
"alt.privacy" and "alt.spyware". Or just hit google and find a copy of
the microsoft EULA - or pick up any computer magazine and find the
discussion about the spyware - it's not called that, because you agreed
that microsoft has the right to install it and can do anything they want
with the information they get from your computer.

Ie, by using and installing Vista, you have given away the keys to your
computer to MS...

and we actually have to PAY Microsoft to take away our User Rights?!
shouldn't Microsoft pay us for that? Many companies pay me for my