Re: Best method For CD destruction

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On Thu, 08 Mar 2007 10:26:01 -0700, Notan <notan@ddressthatcanbespammed>

Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
You said you understand but you obviously don't. We don't even care for
reassembling the pieces, but only rather want to recover the data from each
piece. Not caring for filesystem metadata or other stuff.

Have you ever seen an industrial shredder? Have you seen the resultant pieces?

Maybe *you're* the one that doesn't understand.

No, Sebastian has it right in this case. You can get a lot of damaging
information from the bits left over.

I've seen the results of industrially shredded CDs.

(Not a paper shredder that you'd find in a home, but an *industrial* shredder.)

The result is *tiny* pieces of CDs, many of which have delaminated.

You're also talking about *totally* out-of-context bits of information.

If this wasn't *enough*, you could always heat the pieces, reluting in a molten
pile of non-recoverable data.