Re: Best method For CD destruction

"Wayne." <noname@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

dr@xxxxxxx wrote:
I need to destroy the data on 12,000 CD discs.
Destruction of data needs to be total and visibly complete.
In other words - nothing left for any bit-reader to work on.

This is a one off job so buying special machinery isn't an option.
The security of the data is such that outsourcing is not possible.

I've had a few ideas such as simply burning (not top of list as no proof
of destruction remains)

or surface planing (hand drill maybe with sanding attachment) - would
work but tiring on the arms.

or my best idea yet is a plastic dustbin full of some sort of weak acid
just strong enough to totally eat the data layer then wash the discs off
as proof. (Ideas for solvent/acid are welcome - is vinegar strong

I just thought I'd ask here in case anyone had any better ideas as I
thought it an interesting enough problem.

A microwave oven may do the trick. It fragments the reflective layer,
and reacts with the dye.
a) that is special equipment. and b you will probably burn out the
microwave oven long before you finish.
b) I am a bit dubious about the acid bit.
d) fire, except for the release of all that toxic smoke. Similarly sanding
would release a fine dust with unknown hazards in it. Is your life worth
the destruction of this data?
There do exist shredders which can handle CDs. 12000 of them sounds like a
bit much.