Re: What is "regproscan"?

On Wed, 07 Feb 2007 21:18:42 GMT, David H. Lipman wrote:

From: "Gualtier Malde" <valacapt@xxxxxxxxx>

| I am getting windows from "Messenger Service" telling me to go to
| and download regproscan.exe. This last time the window is persistent and I can't stop it
| even with Task Manager. I've posted a screenshot of the windows on
| Can anyone help me with this. I'm going to do an ad-aware and spybot scan while waiting
| for an answer.
| Thank you.

It is a plain and simple con job in a NetBIOS Pop-Up form !

To disable the Windows Messenger Service, you can open a Command Prompt and type the
following commands...

sc stop Messenger
sc config Messenger start= disabled

A Router such as the Linksys BEFSR41 will also block this at the WAN/LAN interface and such
messages won't be seen on a LAN PC.

It also means two things...

You do NOT have WinXP SP2 installed
Your PC has NetBNIOS over IP exposed to the Internet.

If you had installed WinXP SP2 it would have done two things. Disabled the NT Messenger
Service and enabled the WinXP FireWall.

Maybe but not for certain,

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* Anonymous Secure Offshore SSH-2 Surfing Tunnels