Re: Is Firewall essential in this case?

Dickie Peters wrote:
Is a software firewall such as Zone Alarm essential for added
protection if I am already using the XP firewall, AVG antivirus (free)
and have a wired router (D-link-524)? Will it offer me any additional
protection? If so, is there a better free firewall than Zone alarm?


This site my friend made is aimed towards explaining computer security for the not-precisely-computer-literate staff of a school he worked at, and explains everything on the assumption that you have only a basic knowledge of computers (basic point-and-click skills, basic knowledge of the Internet). It may not be exactly what you need, but as well as giving a basic overview of computer security, it points you to several resources, and tells you how you can learn more - either about security, or how to protect yourself.

Have a look and that should help you out.

Cheers, and good luck

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