Re: Is Firewall essential in this case?

Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
Dickie Peters wrote:

Like everyone else, I want to prevent any hackers from attacking my
machine. I want to block those attacks,

There is no need to block anything that should trivially fail anyway.

but at the same time I would
like to prevent anything that should not be on my computer, such as
malware, from sending out my personal information or whatever.

This doesn't work, no matter how much you want it.

The real solution is to simply not run any malware in first place. This is
what you should focus on.

Being on disability, I cannot afford a lot of expensive software. With
that, can someone offer me the basics of what I should have installed
to offer me as much protection, both incoming and outgoing, as

Stop thinking in terms of installing more software would help.

Competent usage helps. Secure configuration helps. Using non-vulnerable
software helps. No software could replace that.


It seems to me that you have some strong opinions on the subject of computer security. But perhaps you should think about how you word your opinions before you send them off.

The idea of groups such as this is to /discuss/ computer security and to provide /assistance/ to people who ask for it. You are simply trying to prove to everyone that you are better because you know about it, and everyone else deserves nothing more that to be looked down upon.

The concept of providing assistance, especially to people who wish to learn, is to provide constructive criticism, not to say "I know how it works, so do it my way or else you may as well not do it at all." I can see that you do indeed know about computer security, and you can provide a wealth of information, as well as to identify potential threats; but that does not mean that someone who offers a suggestion that does not cover that threat is incompetent and deserves only your contempt.

Instead of saying "No, your wrong because of this. Do it my way - /it/ works", perhaps something more along the lines of "Yes, that will cover those threats, but will still leave open this vulnerability. This should cover it as well", and be open to further suggestions that are perhaps easier to manage/implement, instead of saying "my way works, so use it".

Different solutions are suitable for different people. Your way might work, but others can as well, and may sit better with the people who use it.

Knowledge /is/ power.
Wisdom is knowing how to use it.