Re: U.S. Gov't to use Full Disk Encryption on All Computers

Ertugrul Soeylemez wrote:
Rick Merrill <rick0.merrill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (07-01-02 12:57:24):

There are tools that compress using a password - think of
runlength encoding with a CRC.
Yes, but "compression using a password" is actually "compressing,
and then encrypting with a password". The CRC is something
completely independent of both steps. It only helps spotting
transmission errors. And encoding has nothing (much) to do with
Originally true, but the particular CRC pattern is chosen to deal with
the expected noise impact during transmission (e.g. 1 sec bursts). You
can use other CRC patterns to encrypt.

I really don't know why you relate CRC to encryption in any way. CRC is
just a checksum algorithm. It's not secure, it's not clever, it's just
a checksum.


CRC != checksum in any way shape or form. Check with your professor.


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