Re: Final Project

"Goal Guy" <ahmedbilal24@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

hello mates
i m student of Msc in Information Security and Computer Forensics;
these days i am looking for my final year project topic, i have quite
sufficient n gud knowledge of Networks n Security but i m so confused
about my final year project, so that why i am here to get some help
from u guys i hope that u would come up with some gud and real topic of
network security.

If you come up with an interesting and plausible solution to the
botnet war, or for phishing, you'd have a winner of a topic.

Do you use "u" "gud" and and run on sentences in all your writing?
Please stop as it is ungodly annoying. Even usenet has lax
requirements versus formal writing, but it also isn't the grammar hell
of AOL instant messenger or texting on your cellphone. Find the shift
key and the period key and use it.

Best Regards,
Todd H.

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