Re: bestcrypt 7.20 vs drivecrypt 4.4

supermazzinga <supermazzinga@xxxxxxxx> wrote in

I must choose between bestcrypt 7.20 or drivecrypt 4.4

I have fear of backdoor

both the software is not opensource and high risk for backdoor

I do not succeed to understand which it is secure

help me


You say, "I must choose between Bestcrypt 7.20 or Drivecrypt 4.4" - this
seems like a silly and artificial constraint.

Both products are closed source but Jetico (Bestcrypt) is certainly larger
and probably has a better rep (Securstar, despite its detractors, is still
pretty good).

However, there is a product that is at least as satisfactory technically (I
think it's better because of things like LRW mode), and which blows them
away in terms of cost (free!) and transparency (open-source): Truecrypt.
It is also available for Linux platforms as well as Win2k-and-up Windows.

For partition/container encryption it's a no-brainer: Truecrypt!


PS If you require full-disk encryption, that's a different story and there
are some significant differences between products (for instance,
Bestcrypt's new beta volume encryption product seems particularly strong in
dealing with raid, mount points, spanning, etc.).


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