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My company wants is thinking about using gmail for there mail service.
I remember that a couple of years ago there was an exploit against
gmail, but since then I haven't been aware of any problems.
Is gmail any less secure than most ISP's.
Is there evidence of this, a series of exploits in the last 2 years
that I haven't heard of.

You can get a domain name with hosting with 50 email addresses and
several gigabytes of server space for under $10 month. No legitimate
company should be using a free email service, in these times. Just my
opinion. If your company has over 50 employees, you certainly
shouldn't be considering a free service.

IMHO, there's nothing special about free that should automatically
remove it from any consideration.

You should look at the various issues involved:

- reliability of service
- quality of support
- ability to meet your needs
- ability to carry _your_ brand
- cost

and make the best overall purchasing decision. Certainly, I don't see
how a $10/month service with poor reliability is somehow better than a
free service with high reliability, other things being equal.


Gmail does demand enabling 3rd party cookies sans privacy policy and active-X before you can even log in...may or may not matter to you...

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