Re: Help for Eelbash -> trying to force remailers to use it?

"MC" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:457a02d7$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Anon] HelpforEelbash wrote:
Banana Remailer Remop (Zax) has delisted eelbash. Call or even
better visit Steven Crook at home and ask him why ?
If necessary call his employer, a big american computer company and
inform the company about Zax activities.
The next days more posts like this will follow with information
about others who delist eelbash.

So, you're going to go for an all-out attack on mixmaster remailers,
trying to force them to keep eelbash in the chain? Why?

Consider the following scenario:
someone outside Canada, anonymously mails someone else outside the USA
with information that would be "offensive" for Ca officials. It goes
through a Ca remailer (eelbash) that allows tracking, and blam, the
person is suddenly under the scrutiny of a government they have no
connection with, for "terrorism". (the big ha-ha word these days to
justify anything that would normally not be accepted). Enough reason
delist eelbash right there.

I'll happily delist eelbash. In fact, I'll make sure to block the keys
in my keyring to make sure it never gets used, ever ;)

What are you going to do about it?

I find the actions taken by eelbash reprehensible.

The whole ethos eo anonymous remailers is no reporting, ever.

I no longer need to use a nym server or anonymous remailers but if I
were to start to use them again, eelbash would certainly be off my list!

Interestingly, Banana would also be off my list, due the the draconian
'Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act' ('Regulation' my arse!) The act
would prevent me from using any remailer based in the UK and caused me
to rethink running my own.



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