gmail security

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My company wants is thinking about using gmail for there mail service.
I remember that a couple of years ago there was an exploit against
gmail, but since then I haven't been aware of any problems.
Is gmail any less secure than most ISP's.

Depends on how you feel about them targeting marketing to you based on
you and your customer's correspondence. If one day that privacy
policy changes for gmail, and that information is no longer
"anonymous" or gets handily sold to third parties, heads will roll,
and whomever decided "gee, using a free email service with a
quesitonable privacy policy is a great idea!" might be among the

Of course, many for-pay services effectively have the policy of "we'll
happily sell your information to anyone with money." Even those that
don't right now can change their policies at the drop of a hat.

And which large company is the one that _didn't_ just turn over lots
of records at the first request?

I'm not pushing any service or not. I'm just saying that there's
nothing special about a free service that automatically removes it
from any consideration.