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Todd H. wrote:
phwashington@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

My company wants is thinking about using gmail for there mail service.
I remember that a couple of years ago there was an exploit against
gmail, but since then I haven't been aware of any problems.
Is gmail any less secure than most ISP's.

Depends on how you feel about them targeting marketing to you based on
you and your customer's correspondence. If one day that privacy
policy changes for gmail, and that information is no longer
"anonymous" or gets handily sold to third parties, heads will roll,
and whomever decided "gee, using a free email service with a
quesitonable privacy policy is a great idea!" might be among the

I already have users moving or forwarding their accounts to yahoo mail.
Can gmail be much worse?

Also, you have to think about the business card aspect.
gmail is currently advertising the ability to host domains.

On a regular email account I believe that you can mask the gmail
account with you business address.

If a
business isn't stable enough to be using their own domain vs free
email service, just how legitimate is that business?
We had an important email from a customer delayed for a couple of days,
because of the size of the email (14MB). The CEO raised the same
concerns about our legitimacy-appearance, because of this
he was having to use or resorting to use yahoo for the correspondence.
He basically came at me with concerns about my inability to find a
provider that could better suit his needs. His basis being that yahoo
and our customer didn't seem to be having a problem with these size
These are
questions your customers may ask themselves but never tell you.

Best Regards,
Todd H.


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