Re: MS WORD launches slowly due to IE local security setting

on 11/6/2006 6:53 PM Sebastian Gottschalk said the following:
John Hyde wrote:

on 11/6/2006 4:18 PM Sebastian Gottschalk said the following:
Sy wrote:

as far as ingress filtering,
Don't you mean "inbound"? Windows Firewall doesn't do any ingress filtering
by default.

Ok, I thought I understood you to say that "ingress" filtering was different from "inbound" filtering. Is that right . . .?

One of those language things
ingress = inbound
egress = outbound

More accurately, ingress and egress refer to the act of entry and act of exit respectively. (also, right of entry / exit or place of entry / exit)

Pedantically yours,

But "ingress filtering" is the common term for spoof filters applied to
incoming traffic, to filter out traffic with a source/destination IP
address from a private netrange. Sometimes this also includes the inbound
filtering from generic spoof filters, e.g. with a source address being the
actual target or with destination address unequal to the actual
destination. Respectively egress filtering.

Or are "inbound" and "ingress" filtering basically the same thing?


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