Re: MS WORD launches slowly due to IE local security setting

Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
[incendiary material snipped]

and install a different browser for your surfing needs.
^^^^^^^ ^^^^
Huh? You always need a webbrowser to surf, and as Windows doesn't include
any, you always have to install one.
Windows has included a browser as part of their installation for a very,
very long time. Usually called "iexplore". Try it :P

Will you please notice the difference between a general browser (for
browsing resources of some kind, f.e. filesystems) and a webbrowser (a
browser suitable for surfing the WWW)?

Maybe you should take note of the fact that many people commonly abbreviate "web browser" to "browser". Also take not that the program in question is called "Internet explorer" which indicates its use as well as the description in the help file.
Also note that in earlier versions of Windows "explorer" and "internet explore" tended to be two different programs that would *both* be installed with the O.S. In later versions Microsoft has chosen to merge the two, and aptly named the resulting product Internet Explorer, indicating its intended use, even though it was extended with the functionality of the more generic resource browsing.