Re: MS WORD launches slowly due to IE local security setting

comphelp@xxxxxxxxx (Todd H.) writes:

Sebastian Gottschalk <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Todd H. wrote:

Caveat: OpenOffice will load and run slower than the equivalent MS applications. :-)

Give me a hint. I click on the SOffice-Icon in the task bar,

If you care to accept the overhead of preloading all that running the
launcher, sure. But that's sorta cheating.

Heh. Okay, my curiosity is piqued and I have taken a few minutes to
quantify my assertion that Open Office, great as it is, is slow in
comparison to MS Office.

P3 Thinkpad T23, 1.1Ghz with a gig of RAM, running win2k natively.

Just tried it with Word 2002 sp3 (Office XP)- click
start>programs>Microsoft Word and I can start typing in my new
document in 3 seconds. Word hadn't been opened on the machine since
the last reboot, office toolbar is not run during statup on my system.

Now, allowing Open Office 1.1.5's starter to run in the taskbar, rmb>
text document still takes 4x as long-- 12 seconds for open office
1.1.5 to open.

Open Office Writer 2.0.3 took 22 seconds from icon click to being able
to type anything on the same machine (without the benefit of the
starter running).

The only good news is that restarts were fast for Open Office after
closing writer, and then restarting it from the task bar icon. With
the benfits of everything fresh in cache, they still only barely edge
Word's start time from a dead stop.

So, for all of us who trumpet Open Office (and I'm among you), you do
need to cross "better load time performance" off the list of virtues
you can sell it with with a straight face.

Best Regards,
Todd H.