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I am not affected by this, hence my Civil Liberties are just fine

Possible the most stupid statement I've heard in a long time ...

Actually no. I have no problem with the state detaining those that seek
to do harm to mass numbers of people.

I don't either, but only if the state can prove it, in an open court of
None of this 'detain them for x number of years just because we want to,
nevermind any *proof* nonsense, we are the government, we will do as we
Wait until the neighbor's kid, that you yelled at last week, calls the FBI
and tells them you are a terrorist, and based _solely_ on that call they
arrest you and keep you incommunicado for as long as they like. You still
beilieve that you are not affected by this?

Yep, as your above with the neighbor kid would not happen, as the FBI would
know that it is a prank

Heck, the police don't even
have to apologize if they break into the wrong address anymore. And
people don't believe we live in a police state already!
Just as a side note - back in the day (late fifties, early sixties) when I
was going to elementary school, we were taught how bad the Soviet Union
was with their 'snitch' society, how people were encouraged over there to
'tattle' on each other and how terrible such a society was. However,
nowadays, here in the 'good ole' USofA, we are now doing exactly the same
thing. Students are actually paid cash money by the police to 'rat out'
on their friends.

And their parents. But a lot of that especially snitching on your parents
were bought about by those on the left, like teacher unions, teachers, and
left leaning politicians.

You bring your brain-washed ignorance from the political NGs
to here? So tell me, Dana... what leads you to believe the FBI
would see the kid's snitching as a prank?

What if the so called "lefties" come to power? What's to stop
them from dragging you off to prison indefinitely (thanks to
Bush's thirst for unmitigated power) by convicting you (without
habeas corpus, of course) of being un-American simply for
being ignorant-- or brainwashed-- or for supporting the right-
wing fascist's agenda!

Tyranny works both ways, y'know!