Re: MS WORD launches slowly due to IE local security setting

James E. Morrow <jamesemorrow@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

In article <4quvuqFp3e2kU1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, seppi@xxxxxxxxx says...
Zak wrote:

Does this mean I can delete this reg key and let security defualt to the
machine settings?

No. It means that you should abandon MSIE or MS Word, at best both.

I am hoping that WORD will then not get stuck on the looping that I see.

WORD will get stuck for whatever reason it wants to see.

The daily double contains no fatty Microsoft content to clog the
arteries of your computer. ;)

Caveat: OpenOffice will load and run slower than the equivalent MS applications. :-)

But it is free nad it is free of Microsoftness, which is reason enough
to use it. But blazing performance isn't among the reasons, just to
keep it real. :-)

Todd H.

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