Re: Why does every one hate Microsoft

And tmesis is, as I said, one of those rhetorical devices.

I know. But I keep trying to tell you, but you seem to stupid to understand.

Whilst it is clearly a rhetorical device, it is in no way a rhetorical

You just keep banging your gums. You're only making yourself look stupid.

Dear, dear, you keep digging yourself a deeper hole.
It was you who, as the first paragraph above clearly shows, disclaimed
being rhetorical because you weren't asking a question without expecting
an answer (i.e., weren't asking a rhetorical question). And in saying
that you were just plain wrong, since, even though you made a statement
(more accurately, a mostly phatic interjection) and did not ask a
question, you were nonetheless using a rhetorical device: tmesis.

So why can you not accept you were wrong to claim it was a rhetorical
question, when it quite clearly was not.

The very fact that I pointed out your use of tmesis, a different
rhetorical device than a rhetorical question, clearly shows I know
rhetoric is hardly confined to the latter.

The only person confused here is you.