Re: Why does every one hate Microsoft

In the interest of pedantry - it wasn't rhetorical, since I wasn't
asking a question to which no answer was being requested, I was making
a statement demonstrating support for the previous the assertions.

You mustn't challenge a pedant about pedantry unless you are very sure of
yourself. A rhetorical question, to which you refer above, is only one of
many rhetorical devices (i.e. methods, tricks, stratagems) used in
rhetoric: the art of effective (some would say pursuasive) speaking (and
writing). And tmesis is, as I said, one of those rhetorical devices.

I am right in this matter.

You are confused in that not all rhetoric is a rhetorical QUESTION. It was
not a question of any form, hence whilst it may be rhetoric, it is certainly
not a rhetorical question.

You can confirm my statement here if you wish:

Rhetoric was one of the three arts of the medieval trivium (the others
being grammar and dialectic).

I don't disagree - this fails however to qualify or prove your assertion.

I can rightly, if not always flatteringly,
be called a master of things trivial :-)

You may be familiar with the trivial. I, however, am familiar with accuracy.

And I am not just acquainted, but positively intimate, with things
quadrivial :-)

Word-whore :)