Re: Why does every one hate Microsoft

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there should be no reason I have to buy a third product solution to secure
the OS I purchase from Microsoft.

Unless, of course, that 3rd party product is orders of magnitude
better than what comes with the OS.
yes, but now that microsoft has managed to cripple their competition
the 3rd party products aren't going to be that much better

To use a car analogy, would you rather have the ability to purchase a
fire suppression system that was compatible with the ford Pinto gas
tank, or would rather not have a gas tank so prone to exploding in a

I'm no fan of Microsoft, but if they can build a more secure OS such
that it happens to keep applications from portions of the OS that no
application should be mucking with as a side effect, more power to

there are a variety of kernel level events and conditions that cannot be trapped without access to the kernel... a wide variety of the more proactive security technologies (of which microsoft have none because they're a newbie in this field) depend on being able to trap those things...

if you think sacrificing behaviour based security technologies in order to kill off kernel mode 'rootkits' and precious little else is a fair trade off then i've got this bridge i've been trying to sell...

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